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The full form of MBA is Master of Business Administration

What Does MBA Stand For? Full Explanation of MBA Meaning

MBA is a popular postgraduate degree in the field of Business Administration. MBA is a two-year professional degree that equips students with the necessary skills and personality traits needed in a corporate setup.

CAT, GMAT, NMAT, JBIMS, TISNNET are some of the MBA entrance exams in India.  

The minimum requirement for an MBA programme is that you should have graduated from a recognized university. Some of the MBA programmes might also require you to have some work experience. 

What are the Core areas of MBA?

What are the types of MBA?

There are primarily 2 types of MBA:

  1. Full-Time MBA - It’s a 2 years full-time course which can be pursued even without any work experience.  

  2. Executive MBA - EMBA is a 1-year course in which the work experience of at least 2 years is mandatory. In some EMBAs you have the option to pursue the course along with your job. 

You can pursue MBA for one of the following reasons:

  • Make the transition to a managerial career path

  •  Acquire new skills and core competencies

  • Accelerate your career

  • Gain prospective for a higher salary

What are the popular Career options after MBA?

Based on your preference and specialization for various roles in a variety of industries. Following are the most sought out roles after MBA currently: 

  • Consultancy

  • Business Analyst

  • Project Manager

  • Operation Manager

  • Financial Advisor

  • Investment Banking

Is part time MBA beneficial?
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