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The full form of NIC in computer science is Network Interface Card. It is also called network adapter and Ethernet card. It is a major hardware device used to associate a computer to a network.  

Either wirelessly or using cables it makes the computer to communicate through network (home network or internet).

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How does a Network Interface Card work?

The network card takes data given by the CPU and sends it to the destination. It transforms the data in such a from that it can be transferred via cables or wireless network.

Where is NIC located?

If it’s an onboard version the network card in a computer is located around the USB port. If it’s a separate network card it is generally on the back side of the computer. Most often NIC is installed in a motherboard.

What are the types of NIC?

  • Ethernet NIC - This type of NIC is generally made of ethernet cables and mostly used by MAN, LAN and WAN networks For example TP-LINK TG-3468 Gigabit PCI Express Network Adapter.
  • Wireless Networks NIC- This type of network requires no cables for connection and is made to design a Wi-Fi connection. For example Intel 3160 Dual-Band Wireless Adapter.

What are the components of NIC?

  • Memory 
  • Connectors
  • Processor
  • Jumpers
  • Routers
  • MAC address

What are the pros and cons of NIC?


  • Lots of information can be shared.
  • The communication speed is in Gigabytes that is high.
  • Many gadgets can be connected with various NIC card ports.
  • Extremely reliable connection.


  • For wired NIC a hard-wired connectivity is needed since unlike a remote router it is not versatile.
  • To get a good communication the arrangement needs to be appropriate.
  • NIC cards are not safe. So data is not secured.
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