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The full form of BOM in computer is Byte Order Mark which is a piece of code that is applied to define the byte sequence and Unicode encoding with the special Unicode character ‘U+FEFF’. It was developed in 1980s.

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What is the purpose of BOM?

Data sent through the internet needs to be in order and the information must be read by the recipient. To confirm this process various markers are put in the code. And BOM is one of these markers placed to code characters in different ways. 

Normally the BOM is an optional feature although it is used in situations that involves text interchange.

Why do you need BOM?

Data can be coded in different ways. After 1993 UTF-8 is used now whereas UTF-16 was very popular earlier. 

Also UTF-32 is still often used currently to identify the byte order. However if there is huge numbers of bits per character then the byte order marker is needed.

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What are the problems of BOM?

Issues are seen when the receiving system of a computer fails to handle the BOM. Numerous Unix-like environments or PHP versions sometimes do not guess the character that ultimately leads to deform presentation of a website.

 Also if the BOM has already created a HTML document but the HTTP header indicates the browser in a different way, it can also make a display error.

How to remove BOM?

To remove a BOM a text editor is required which can save the mark. To convert the coding you need to exercise the file with the BOM  in the software and then save it without the BOM. You can do that in the popular Notepad++ editor.

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