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The full form of DNS in Computer is Domain Name System. It’s like a directory which provides a way to connect human understandable website names to numbers, IP (internet protocol) addresses.

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How does DNS work?

A single DNS server is not enough for more than 322 million domain names, so the directory is distributed around the world and stored on servers that communicate with each other. 

When user types a human readable address into the browser, the operating system’s DNS will search for it in the local cache first. 

If it didn’t find the result then it will opt for a domain name system in a LAN, receiving the query LAN will provide the results if it finds the requested domain.

What is the purpose of DNS in Computer?

A Computer only understands binary language and on the other hand we use names instead of numbers, what DNS does is simply convert the name of the website to an IP address and vice versa. 

Devices connected to the internet has a unique IP address each, for instance www.google.com has an IP address of They both take you to the same page but it’s  more helpful to remember the name instead of numbers.

What are the functions of DNS?

  • To answer queries and return result codes.
  • To forward and receive queries from other DNS servers.
  • To store domain information in a file system and regularly backup those information.
  • To refuse unauthenticated, unauthorized queries.
  • To share recent zone information to other DNS servers only if authorized. 
  • To log successes, failures, errors in domain transactions.
  • To provide domain contact information.
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