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The full form of GPU in Computer is Graphics Processing Unit. The GPU is used in both personal and business computers for graphics and video rendering.

What is the full meaning of GPU in computer -

Who invented GPU?

The term was first coined by Sony in 1994 but Nvidia popularized the term with their GeForce 256 marketing as the world’s first GPU. 

What does GPU do?

When it was invented it was used for 3D graphics but as technologies got modernized they became flexible and enhanced, they also became a lot easier to program. 

GPU is used to create intense realistic visual effects and scenes, they are designed for parallel processing, widely used in video games and now they are also being used to aide artificial intelligence (AI).

How does GPU work?

A GPU works on SIMD (single instruction multiple data) or SIMT (single instruction multiple threads) and unlike a CPU this has a higher core or processor count, meaning it enables GPU to increase the throughput even though a single task takes more time compared to a CPU. 

GPU also have a higher memory bandwidth and bus width that helps feed the information to huge numbers of processing cores. 

What is the difference between GPU and Graphics Card?

  • Graphics card is an add-in board that is incorporates the GPU.
  • Graphics card presents images on the display unit and GPU performs actual processing related to those graphics.
  • Graphics card is an expansion card in the device but GPU reduces some of the work load of the main processor.

What are the types of GPU in Computer?

  • Integrated Graphics Processing Unit – CPU with an integrated GPU on its motherboard that allows thinner and lighter system. 
  • Discrete Graphics Processing Unit – CPU with an external GPU with dedicated memory.
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