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The full form of Windows XP in computer is Windows eXPerience. Here XP stands for experience. 

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It is a commercial operating system introduced by Microsoft in 2001. Based on user installed base it is renowned for being the second most popular Windows version. 

What are the versions of Windows XP?

  • Home Edition (32-bit)
  • Professional Edition (32- or 64-bit)

What are the benefits of Windows XP?

Windows XP has provided a new redesigned graphical user interface which is very user friendly than the previous versions. Servicing of various versions of globally used software components, side by side installation, registration are also include. 

Windows XP is also significantly the first version to present product activation to fight against the illegal copying. Apart from these other benefits are as followed

  • WLAN features
  • Remote desktop and remote assistance
  • System restore and device driver rollback
  • Client firewall
  • Application compatibility mode

What are the difference between Windows 7 and Windows XP?

  • It is not necessary for the drivers to be installed in Windows 7 whereas Windows XP requires installed drivers.
  • In Windows the start up and shut down is very fast as compared to Window XP.
  • Windows defender in Windows 7 gives a good security whereas Windows XP does not have this feature.
  • In Windows 7 there are good graphical user components where as Windows XP does not have much..

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Is Windows XP usable in 2021?

This operating system is more than 15 years old now hence it is not recommended since it is far inferior than the current mainstream operating systems. 

Windows XP is a vulnerable OS that can be affected by the virus very easily. So with the advent of smart technology, it is not safe to use Windows XP in 2021.

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