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The full form of GIGO in Computer is Garbage In, Garbage Out. In short it means that the quality of output is determined by the quality of input.

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What is the history behind GIGO?

The phrase “Garbage in, Garbage out” was first used presumably on 10th November 1957 in a syndicated news article about US army using their early computers. 

But it was George Fuechsel who coined the term, he used the term to remind his students that computer cannot make decisions by itself, it just processes what is given.

What are the uses of GIGO?

  • GIGO’s main use is to describe human-decision making failures because of faulty, incomplete data.
  • GIGO works by providing a result that is equivalent to the quality of input the computer had.
  • GIGO applies to all analysis and logic and in the problems that are flawed.

What does GIGO mean?

GIGO is a program’s inability to process any flawed data following an incorrect result or the termination of the result. 

When someone enters a intentional or unintentional gibberish in the computer, the computer also answers it with an unexpected result. 

It is a widely accepted acronym concept in the world of computers and mathematics, computer programs dictates that functions should check for valid input before processing it and good programs will avoid this situation by not accepting the garbage in the first place.

How to improve decision making and avoid GIGO?

DQ or decision making has six principles; appropriate frame, doable alternatives, reliable information, clear values, logical reasoning and commitment to action. 

DQ helps to minimize GIGO by developing transparency. To avoid GIGO, decision support software needs to be intuitive and provide capability to develop alternate scenarios. 

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