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The full form of BIOS in computer is Basic Input/Output System which is a software tagged in the small memory chip of the motherboards that allows to start the computer system when it is turned on. 

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It enables you to set up and access the computer at a very basic level.

What was the first BIOS?

In 1974 the first BIOS was built by Gary Kildall and coined the term ‘BIOS’. At first it was attached in the CP/M operating system to communicate with the other hardware of the machine.

What are the functions of BIOS?

  • Post: It is a test run before loading the operating system to ensure the computer hardware is working and there is no error.
  • Bootstrap Loader: It locates if there is any capable operating system so that the BIOS can pass control to it.
  • BIOS Drivers: It is a low level driver used to know how the program runs and interacts with other devices in the computer. It helps keeping your computer up-to-date.
  • CMOS BIOS setup: It is a configuration settings system that allows to manage things like date, time, password etc.

What is the use of BIOS?

The main purpose of the BIOS is to govern the early working stages of the startup process. It helps to identify and configure the hardware of a computer system which includes memory, floppy disk, hard drive, CPU and so on. 

It also gives instruction to the system to enact various types of important works like the computer boot up, keyboard control etc. 

The BIOS also makes sure if the memory has all the information of the operating system or not.

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