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The full form of DBMS in Computer is Database Management System. It is a software that retrieves or stores a users data and manipulates with the database.

What is the full meaning of DBMS in computer?

Who invented the DBMS?

Charles Bachman designed the first DBMS in the year of 1960. 

What is a DBMS?

DBMS is a software that enables its user to create, delete, retrieve and update data in the database. It is a software application that people use to gain access and manage their data. 

DBMS is basically a group of commands to manipulate the database and it also acts as a communicator between the user and the database. Not only that it also allows users to facilitate an overview of the database by providing various administrative operations. 

What are the characteristics of DBMS?

  • Offers security and removes data redundancy.
  • Provide data independency.
  • DBMS limit user permissions.
  • Enforcement of integrity restraint.
  • Restriction of unauthorized access.
  • Support multiple users and their views.
  • Data definition is part of the program applications.
  • Provide backup and recovery to ensure data restoration.

What are the types of DBMS?

  1. Hierarchical Database – This DBMS is represented as a parent child format in a tree like structure where parent have multiple children but children have only one parent.
  2. Network Database – Data is organized in a graph to ensure easy access, it also allows children to have multiple parents and has more complex relation.
  3. Relational Database – Most widely used and the easiest where data is stored in columns and row format.
  4. Object-Oriented Database – Model data is stored in the shape of an object, it is an collection which displays data along with its values and operations. 

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