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The full form of HTTP in computer is HyperText Transfer Protocol which is a standard process used for distributing, collaborating and exchanging data on the World Wide Wed (www). In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee had originally proposed HTTP protocol.

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How does HTTP works?

HTTP has the TCP/IP protocol to communicate with servers which is based on request and response. 

While you access a web page you type http:// in front of the website address and the web browser here sends data request to the web server which on the other hand manages the request by a HTTP service. 

After exchanging data the client and server  are disconnected.

What is the purpose of HTTP?

  • To build a connection with the server.
  • Send HTML pages to the browser.
  • Sends data in the mode of hypertext, plain text, audio, video, image etc.
  • Transfers files and data to one host to another in the form of MIME-like format.

What are the versions of HTTP?

  • HTTP version 0.9
  • HTTP version 1.0
  • HTTP version 1.1
  • HTTP version 2.0
  • HTTP version 3.0

What are the facts of HTTP?

  • It is a ‘stateless’ protocol
  • Port 80 is the normal port for HTTP connection
  • HTTP uses port 443 for transferring data

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What is HTTP request?

HTTP is a format that uses the method of request and response for quality communication between the user and the server. HTTP is the message sent by the user to a server which is divided into 3 parts

  • A request line
  • Set of header fields
  • A body

What are the Advantage and Disadvantage of HTTP?


  • Network congestion is low
  • CPU and memory usage is low
  • It provides HTTP pipe-lining for request and response


  • HTTP needs high power for connectivity
  • It is less secure
  • It is not authorized for cellular phone
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