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The full form of UNIVAC in computer is Universal Automatic Computer which according to the US Census Bureau is the world’s first ever commercial electronic digital computer. It is the forerunner of today’s high-tech computers.

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Who invented UNIVAC?

UNIVAC was invented by the makers of ENIAC, J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly for the United States during the World War II. Architecturally it was very different since initially it was built as a stored-program computer .

What are the features of UNIVAC?

  • UNIVAC I used around 5000 vacuum tubes
  • It weighed 16,686 pounds and needed 125 KW
  • It could perform operations of 1905 per second 
  • Used a console typewriter and operator keyboard
  • UNIVAC used alphanumeric characters
  • The dimension of it was 14 ft long, 7.5 ft wide and 8 ft high
  • It could read 7200 decimal digits per second

What is the operating system of UNIVAC?

At first the UNIVAC Series 90 was run with OS/9 developed by UNIVAC itself which later replaced by RCA’s Virtual Memory Operating System ( VMOS). Later UNIVAC named it VS/9  when VMOS was transferred to the 90/60.

What was the use of UNIVAC?

  • It was built as to process data in billboard
  • To replace the accounting machine
  • UNIVAC I was used to summarize the part of the 1950 population census
  • Used as a part of the economic surveys and census of 1954

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What is the difference between UNIVAC and ENIAC?

  • UNIVAC is the first commercially produced computer whereas ENIAC is the world’s first computer for general purpose.
  • UNIVAC was used mainly used in Census department whereas ENIAC was used to study thermonuclear bomb.
  • UNIVAC has around 5000 vacuum tubes while ENIAC has approximately 18,000 vacuum tubes.
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