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The full form of PING in Networking is Packet InterNet Groper. It is a utility software that is used to test network connection between two devices.What does PING stand for in Networking - Fullformatoz.com

Who invented PING?

PING is a utility command that was invented by Michael Muss in 1983 at the Ballistic Research Laboratory.

What is PING used for?

PING is a network management system software that can be used to check if a certain network host is reachable or not. It’s a basic internet program that verifies the existence of a particular IP. 

It is a utility program that uses simple communication system to assure a computer’s existence on the other end.

How does PING work?

PING executes its services by sending signals to the other computer and asks it to reply to PING’s messages. It sends some messages and asks the remote device to reply accordingly and give a short report on the achievement of the connection. 

PING command is used along with the IP address or full domain name of the device you want to check for connectivity. PING then sends a set of pockets and if the same amount of echo reply packets are received then the connectivity is working.  

The pockets or messages PING sends are known as ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). 

What is the use of PING in Computer Gaming?

PING measures network latency in the connected devices to the server in Computer gaming, Low PING means low latency which suggests excellent connectivity resulting in a responsive game. 

On the other hand, High PING indicates that there are some problems or obstructions within the server and the connection that may result in lagging or poor responsiveness.

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