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The full form of GUI in Computer is Graphical User Interface. This is a software that enables users to interact with their devices.What is the full form of GUI in terms of computer -

Who invented GUI?

GUI was first invented a Xerox PARC by Alan Kay, Douglas Englebart, Larry Tesler, David Smith, Clarance Ellis and many others in 1979. 

It was the first GUI prototype, Steve Jobs of Apple traded one million for their detailed tour and after being introduced to GUI he was determined to bring GUI to the public. Apple brought out ‘Lisa’ as the first computer with GUI.

What does GUI do?

GUI opens moves and deletes files with the help of windows, icons, menus to carry out commands. GUI based operating system use mouse to navigate but keyboard’s shortcut keys and arrow keys can also be used to navigate. 

These commands are often accompanied by sounds and some visual effects to enhance the effect. The graphical elements are used to ensure the easy usage of the computer even if the user does not know the commands.

What are the different elements of a GUI?

  • Buttons – It is represented as a graphical button that performs an action when pressed.
  • Dialog Box – A pop up window displaying additional information that asks user for inputs.
  • Menu – A list of commands or choices offered via a menu bar.
  • Menu Bar – Thin and horizontal bar that contains menus.
  • Tab – An area that is clicked to view additional pages or area.
  • Icon – A graphical representation of a program or file.
  • Toolbar – Row of buttons at the top of application window controlling software functions.
  • Window – Rectangle shape on the display showing current programs.
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