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The full form of FTP in Computer is File Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol that is provided by TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) for transmitting files from the host to another user via a Computer network.

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Who invented FTP?

FTP was invented by Abhay Bhushan in the early 1970s while he was still a student at MIT and it was published as RFC 114 on 16th April, 1971. 

What does FTP do?

File Transfer Protocol is a widely used internet protocol that helps user to transmit files from one device to other with ease. 

FTP allows its users to transfer or transport files between devices connected to the internet and the devices within a certain range like an office. 

It is the second most popular protocol to share and exchange data after HTTP (world wide web). 

How does FTP work?

FTP is designed on a client-server model where FTP works as a server, when a client uses FTP and sends files, the files are either uploaded or downloaded to the server itself. 

When the user uploads files, those are transferred to from the personal device to the server and the opposite happens in the case of downloading. 

To use this service the user must acquire server’s numeric address.

What are the Benefits of FTP?

  • FTP allows users to transfer multiple files at the same time.
  • It allows users to make a schedule for transmitting.
  • There is no size limitations in a single transmitting.
  • It enables user to pause a transfer and enables backup if connection is unavailable or interrupted.
  • FTP transfers are secure and encrypted.
  • FTP gives users a single location to store all data.
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