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The full form of ATA in computer is Advanced Technology AttachmentIt is a standard interface that is responsible for connecting storage devices to a Computer and it was approved of in 1994.

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Who invented ATA?

ATA was developed in 1986 by Western Digital and Compaq for compatible Hard Drives and CD - DVD Drives.

How does ATA work?

The standard ATA is now known as PATA or Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment, it is a physical disk that connects storage devices like Hard Drive Disks, Optical Disk Drives and Floppy Disk Drives to the Computer. 

ATA cables can transfer data 16 bits at a time and they have a maximum length of 18 inches. It uses a 40 pin Female Connector cables that are connected to 40-80 conductor Ribbon cable. 

Every cable has two or more connectors of which one is attached to a Host Adapter that links to the rest of the Computer and the others are connected to storage devices namely hard disk drive and optical drives. 

What are the different types of ATA?

  • IDE, ATA and ATA-1 – This was the first prototype had a 8-16 bit interface and had a transfer rate of 8.3 Mbps.
  • ATA-2, EIDE – A standard that was approved by ANSI in 1996, Enhanced IDE had features of ATA-2 and manufacturer specific variants. ATA-2 was the first to rectify other drives can also be interfaced with Computer.
  • ATAPI – ATA Packet Interface was developed by SFF to allow ATA to follow SCSI commands.
  • UDMA and ATA-4 – Ultra DMA transfer modes were included, ATA-4 had 133 Mbyte/s.
  • Ultra AT – Used by Western Digital and had different speed enhancements.
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