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PDF is a file format developed by Adobe. This format comes in use when you want to share files which cannot be modified or should not undergo any changes while transferring.

What does PDF stands for -Image

Features of PDF: 

  1. Security: You can enable password protection for your document

  2. Multiplatform: Supports all Operating system, internet browser, Android, IOS etc

  3. Text-Search: Needed Metadata and words can be easily searched

  4. Compression: Can be easily compressed without compromising on the visible quality

  5. Can be extracted to an editable format like Word

What’s the difference between JPG and PDF?

  1. JPG is mainly used for images (graphic-based) whereas PDF is used for documents

  2. The text can be copied and highlighted in PDF but that’s not the case with JPEG

  3. PDF is used to present the document in a readable manner whereas JPG is used compress digital images known as lossy compression. A compression of about 10:1 can be achieved with JPEG.

Advantages/Benefits of PDF:

  • Easy to read

  • Can be accessed on any software, hardware and operating system

  • Displays the exact content and layout

  • More security features than Microsoft word

  • Can be viewed on any internet browser

  • Easy to use on the phone

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