What is the Full Form of CMD in Computer?

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Full Form of CMD in Computer - Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of cmd in the computer is Command. In computer, the application named command prompt is said for the short form cmd. 

Command prompt is an inbuilt application in the windows system which takes command from the user and accomplishes it. Command prompt is an interpreter through which you can communicate to the operating system. 

The commands which one can use in the command prompt are predefined to do a particular task and that task is executed by the processor when that specific command is input by the user. 

Uses of command prompt -

  • Command prompt is the simplest interface to communicate with operating systems with high functionality.
  • We can use it to set up and run any programming language compiler or interpreter in windows device 
  • It can scan the hard drive of the device and make a copy of it. 
  • Severe network issues may be solved by a command prompt. For example by using the ping command.

How to run the command prompt in windows? 

Command prompt is inbuilt in windows so you need not to install or download it from anywhere. 

Simple steps to command prompt are :

  • Click the windows button/ start button
  • Type ‘cmd’ in run
  • Right-click on the ‘cmd’ visible, and click on run as administrator. 

How to start a jupyter notebook using the command prompt?

  • For starting an IDE, you need to install it on your device. 
  • open the command prompt. 
  • Type “jupyter notebook” in case you want to open a jupyter shell. Press shift+enter.

3 Common Commands

  • Cd (change directory) switch directory (path) command is used to change the directory (path) in which you are operating. 
  • cdwindowssystem32, for example, would transfer the prompt to the system32 folder path in the Windows folder. 
  • Dir (Directory) shows you the files and directories that are accessible in the selected directory. It also shows the date and size of files that have been modified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for canceling a command?

To stop the command from running, press Ctrl + C. (Note that this is not an erase command; it would just halt the existing command's execution.)

From the Command Prompt panel, how do I close down or rebooted the desktop? 

You may also utilize the controls underneath to close down or reboot devices on your server. These could come in useful when installing changes that necessitate stops and starts.

The shutdown /s command would switch off the system you're on.

Shutdown / I from the command prompt would activate the Remote Shutdown Dialog window, which will offer alternatives for network infrastructures through a simple GUI.

How do I get back to prior commands I've run? 

To loop through already performed instructions, utilize the function buttons on your keyboard. The UP and DOWN arrows, for example, would display the most frequently utilized functions. The commands will be shown letter by letter using the RIGHT and LEFT hands.