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What is Nato? What does Nato stand for?- Image

What is NATO?

NATO is an organization whose main aim is to repel any future attacks by the Soviet Union. It’s an inter-military government alliance between Thirty European and North American countries.

This organization adheres to the North Atlantic Treaty signed on 4th April 1949 which is a peacetime military alliance against the Soviets. 

In other words in case the soviet attacks any country which comes under NATO all other countries will come forward for its protection. 

What is the role and function of NATO?

The main aim of NATO is to prevent war and safeguard all the countries which come under the organization.

NATO also helps in advancements of military security and maintain the economic stability of these countries. This organization has also catered mentally stabilising many European countries. 

It encourages the members to consult on security and military end and maintain solidarity among themselves. 

Why is India not part of NATO?

NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization that consists of members who are from the North Atlantic regions only. In addition to this joining ties with NATO can be detrimental for India’s relationship with Russia.

India is a major military power ranking among the top 5 in the world and has cordial relations with Russia, hence joining NATO will serve no interest in India. 

How is NATO funded?

All the members of the organization collectively fund NATO the biggest contributor being the USA followed by Germany and France. These funding can be monetary or in form of operations and troops. 

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