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The full form of OMR in computer is: OPTICAL MARK RECOGNITION

What is the full meaning of OMR in computer?- Full form of OMR

What is OMR in with respect to computers?

OMR is a popular electronic method which involves the process of collecting human marked data (generally on paper) and converting it into a form which is readable by a computer. 

This technology is generally used by the educational institute or by any institutions who conduct examinations. Multiple-choice questions exams, surveys, assessments etc are evaluated very easily if optical mark recognition is used. 

OMR mainly works with documents which are of fill in the bubble or mark type. This technology was developed in the 1930s and is still a very popular way of evaluating multiple choice documents.  

What is the purpose of OMR?

In the examination process, to save time and manual effort OMR software works as a very beneficial and fast tool. It is mainly used to evaluate OMR answer sheets and provides the result in excel or PDF format. 

Other than exam OMR sheets, it also can scan admission form, psychometric tests, survey sheets, test paper answer sheet etc. It ensures accuracy and makes sure the work is done within an hour with correct assessment.

How do OMR scanners work?

  1. OMR scanner focuses a beam of light on a dedicated area.

  2.  Since the marks or bubbles on the OMR sheet are filled (generally with black colour) they will absorb this light.

  3. The OMR sheet being white (or similar shades) will reflect back the light

  4. Now with the help of computing processes the areas where lights weren’t reflected will be used for evaluation. 

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What are the advantages of optical mark recognition?

Advantages of OMR:

  • The evaluation by OMR scanner is more accurate than that of a human

  • The evaluation can be done at a much faster pace

  • Very useful in case of large surveys

  • High cost benefits if the a large number of documents are to be scanned

  • Easy to implement and support 

  • Data can be stored directly in the cloud and hence can be transferred wherever required

  • Helps in grading without being biased

What are the disadvantages of OMR?

  • It is complicated for the mark reader to design documents.
  • While inputting data, it might be slow and also not a task for offline.
  • To check marked data, it is often difficult for a computer.
  • It is difficult to follow the instruction for the person putting the marks on the document.
  • Their should not be any torn in the OMR sheet even by mistake.
  • The mark has to be dark enough to be readable.
  • OMR is often not suitable for text input.
  • OMR reader need to have a specific sheet format for scanning.

What are the differences between OMR and OCR?

  • OCR is used to re-encode the already printed document without human handling whereas the purpose of OMR is to evaluate answer sheets of MCQ.
  • In case of OCR you have to design a system to analyze and recognize the marks while OMR scans the document in no time and recognize the characters fast.
  • OCR needs much more complex hardware and software system whereas OMR is comparatively simple affair.
  • OCR includes more manual effort while OMR reduces manual effort and chances of human errors.

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