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What does CIF stand for in Bank

What is CIF with respect to the banking sector?

A customer information file is a collection of data containing basic demographic  information of the customer defining his/her relationship with the bank. The bank can link all your accounts to a single CIF. 

This data includes personal as well as account information and is a key aspect of the modern banking system. 

Following are the type of data CIF contain:

  • Account information

  • Credit card relationship 

  • Types and number of accounts

  • All the previous transactions made

What is the CIF number in Bank?

Every customer information file has an unique identification number called CIF number. It is given at the time of opening an account with a bank. 

Is a CIF number the same as an account number?

CIF number and Account number are two different identification entities. CIF is more focused on the customer’s identity whereas account number is for account’s identity. 

In case a person has many accounts in a bank the account number for all these accounts will be different but the CIF number will remain the same since the account holder is the same. 

What are the advantages of Customer Information File?

Advantages of CIF:

  • CIF is used to address customer’s queries, provide targeted services and products.

  • Acts as a single source of information to know about all the transactions done by the customer

  • CIF is mainly used for marketing products to targeted consumers. The banks/financial service provider analyze the behaviour of the customers and with help of the data collected market the targeted product to them.

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