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What is the full form of BCCI in cricket

What is BCCI?

Founded in 1928, BCCI is the national governing body of Cricket in India and is affiliated to International Cricket Council. 

The board was set up at Delhi’s Roshanara Club to end the monopoly by British on cricket. It is an autonomous body registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act.

How to get a job in BCCI?

You can check the careers section in the official website of BCCI. You can get a job as a Cricket Scorer, Umpire, Commentator, Head coach etc. 

You can email your resume at [email protected] to see if they have relevant vacancies for you.

What is the difference between BCCI and ICC?

BCCI and ICC are two different governing bodies with different authorities in the field of cricket. ICC stands for International Cricket Council and is an international body which governs cricket all over the world. 

BCCI is responsible only for the Indian cricket team.

ICC is also responsible for keeping a tab of all the records by players across the world. It represents 105 members  and is known for conducting international events like Cricket World Cup, Under 19 cricket world cup, ICC T20 world cup,  ICC champions trophy and ICC Women’s T20 world cup.

On the other hand BCCI is responsible for cricket events in India for example Indian Premier League, Ranji Trophy etc. 

It monitors cricket on both domestic and international level for Indian Cricket team. 

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