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The full form of ACL is:  ACCESS CONTROL LIST 

What is ACL in networking

What does ACL mean in wireless networking?

Access control list is responsible for moving the packets (a small segment of a large message) through a network. They are placed either between two routers who perform internal communication or reside in a firewall router. 

The main purpose of ACL is to provide basic protection to a network. Allowing traffic to enter and leave without any check makes the network susceptible to attacks, ACL helps in controlling the inflow and outflow of traffic. 

Access lists can be named by the network administrator using IP Named Access Control Lists feature. Numbered Access Lists are another way identifying Access List specified by number.   

What are the benefits of Access Lists?

Following are the benefits of Access Lists:

  • Helps in improving network performance

  • Helps in blocking unwanted traffic or users

  • Helps in controlling bandwidth used by monitoring the excessive traffic

  • Reducing Dos(Denial of Service) attacks and spoofing

  • Helps in controlling routing updates which are communicated in the network

  • Controls the addresses translated by Networks Address Translation 

  • Identification of local users, remote users, remote hosts becomes easy

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How does ACL help in protecting the network?

ACL protects the network by the following methods:

  • Restricting users or device access to the network

  • Limiting traffic into a network

  • Checking that traffic doesn’t leave the network

  • Users are allowed access (temporary) dynamically through a firewall

  • The administrator can deny unwanted packets from entering the network with the help of ACL

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