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What does .APK stands for ?

What is the meaning of APK?

Android Application Package is an App created for android which allows ease in transfer/downloading of applications from one source to another. 

When you are downloading an App from play store or Apple store you are installing an APK. 

APK allows you to share Applications through messaging apps, websites etc. It is made by compiling the required android program and all its part in a container zipped together. It is saved with the .apk extension.  

What does the APK package contain? 

The most common files in APK are:

  1. META-INF/: 

This directory has the manifest file, list of resources, certificate of application, signature etc. 

  1. AndroidManifest.xml:

With the help of this directory you can see the name, version and contents of the APK files. 

  1. lib/: 

This directory has compiled code (libraries) which is dependent on specific device architecture. 

  1. assets/: 

This directory contains raw resource files or application assets. These assets can be retrieved using Asset Manager.

  1. res/: 

This directory contains important resources(for example images) which are not compiled into resources.arsc

  1. classes.dex: 

This directory contains compiled Java classes saved in the dex file format (.DEX). 

  1. resources.arsc

This directory contains compiled programs to be used later and contains binary form of resources. 

What is an android package installer?

Android package installed helps you in retrieving the App from the apk files. This installer works very similar to zip files and helps in extracting the compressed files for ease of installation.

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