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What is the ICSE board?

ICSE was formed to conducts examination for general schooling students and is Non-governmental board for secondary school certificates. 

How is the ICSE board different from the CBSE board?

  • ICSE is considered tougher when compared to CBSE. The syllabus is more lengthy and requires a higher level of analytical skills.

  • ICSE students don’t have a mandated textbook to study from, unlike CBSE which recommends NCERT. 

  • ICSE gives equal priority to all the subjects whereas CBSE gives preference to maths and science. 

  • ICSE is more expensive and less popular than CBSE. CBSE schools can be found in any district of India. 

Is ICSE Recognised by the Indian government?

ICSE is recognized by the Government of India and also by all the Schools, Colleges and Universities across the country.  

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What are the advantages of being an ICSE student?

  1. ICSE encompasses all the subjects with equal priority and has a detailed syllabus for them.

  2. Students studying in ICSE will have better command on English which proves advantageous in exams like TOEFL.

  3. ICSE syllabus caters well to students interested in Humanities and management. 

  4. Focuses on the practical explanation of the subject and building analytical skills of the students. 

Which board is easier to score  ICSE or the CBSE?

CBSE has much easier syllabus than ICSE but the scoring of CBSE is stricter when compared to ICSE. ICSE along with theory focuses on analytical skills too.

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