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The full form of PAN in computer is: PERSONAL AREA NETWORK

Full form of PAN in computer -

What does pan stand for in computers?

A personal area network(PAN) is a network of interconnecting electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, printers) or computers which is accessible to an individual. 

This network is centred only to an individual’s workspace and is available within a range of 10 metres. 

This network is very efficient in terms of speed and flexibility. 

What are the types of personal area network?

There are two types of PAN: Wireless PAN and Wired PAN

1. Wireless PAN

Wireless PAN is a network of devices connected to each other with the help of signals i.e. no wires are involved in data transmission.

Example: Bluetooth Devices, Zigbee, Infrared, Firewire etc. 

Our smartphone is also a wireless device which transfers data using bluetooth, mobile network, Wifi etc.  

2. Wired PAN

Wired PAN is a network of devices connected to each other with the help of cords or wires. 

Example: USB, landline, router etc. 

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What are the advantages of PAN?

  • There is no need of extra wire, extra cable and extra space.
  • Can be used in anywhere if having the devices close.
  • Data can be synchronized between various devices.
  • Can get connected to many devices at a time.
  • It’s easy to use, portable, affordable and no external knowledge is required for accessing.
  • PAN is reliable and very much secure.

What are the disadvantages of PAN?

  • PAN cannot be used in a wide range of area. The range of PAN is within 10 meters (33 ft).
  • It can only be used within personal sphere.
  • Data transfer is very slow in PAN.
  • Sometimes radio signals may interfere during data transferring.
  • Infrared signals goes in one direction in PAN.

What is the difference between PAN and LAN? 

PAN is mostly centred around an individual whereas LAN can be used to cover a whole building by many people. 

Following are the difference between PAN and LAN:

  1. Range: PAN works for very short ranges(10m-100m). LAN works in ranges of about 300m and the range can be increased to several kilometres. 

  2. Speed: The speed of PAN ranges from few kbps to few mbps. The speed of LAN is higher than PAN and ranges from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps.

  3. Usage: PAN is generally used for wearable devices for example smartwatches. LAN is generally used by organizations to provide internet access to many people and hosts thousands of servers.

How to secure your PAN?

What if your PAN is hacked? Yes it can be. Hence you need to know the vulnerabilities and security issues linked to this type of network. 

  • Ensure location privacy
  • Moderate bluesnarfing attacks
  • Mitigate IOT vulnerabilities

What is the difference between BAN and PAN?

A BAN or Body Area Network generally means a wireless connectivity in medical sensors that is carried near human body. 

It is used for tracking physical health through gateway devices that connects the wearable devices attached to the human body with the internet. 

Whereas PAN is connected with electronic devices within a user’s area to make communication among personal devices.

Devices connected to the BAN are smartwatches, surgically implanted medical devices, fitness armbands while PAN is mostly connected with computers, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and fitness bands as well.

A BAN may be connected to a PAN or can use WPAN but most of the PAN do not have biomedical sensors.

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