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What does BPO stand for in call center?

What is the meaning of BPO in call centers?

Business Process Outsourcing is obtaining services or goods from an external provider. BPO is commonly used by the developed nation in developing nations so that most of the repetitive tasks can be done at lower capital. 

A BPO call center is a small organization which is being outsourced by outside companies to manage the customer calls and guide them with their doubts according to specified guidelines. 

What's the difference between call center and BPO?

The call centers are among the various outsourcing services which come under BPO.

A BPO is the part of processes of an organization which is outsourced to improve the efficiency and decrease cost. 

A call center is a part of the organization (which may or may not be outsourced) which deals with customer services in which the employees handle the queries or complaints of customers.

How can I work in BPO?

Getting selected in BPO is fairly easy provided you have passed your intermediate and are well versed in English. 

You can apply for the job in one of the following ways:
1. Upload your resume and apply on job portals like Naukri, monster etc.

2. Apply directly on company sites who are looking to hire BPOs

3. Communicate with people who already work in a BPO through LinkedIn.

4. Get a referral from your friend who already works in a BPO.

5. Look out for the job vacancies in newspapers.

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