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What does API stands for

What does API Stand For?

API (Application programming interface) is a software which acts as an intermediary between two applications and aids in the communication between them.

Each time you are using an application for example Spotify, you are interacting with its API. In this case, you are interacting with Spotify‚Äôs API to find the song you like. 

What are the Types of API?

  1. Partner API: These APIs are not available for public use and a programmer requires special permission to use them. 

  2. Open API: These APIs are available for public use for example Facebook API.

  3. Composite API: As the name suggests these APIs combine several APIs so that execution of the request by the user becomes faster.  

  4. Internal API: These are the proprietary APIs to be used only within the organization. They are used to improve the efficiency of the company. 

Advantages/Benefits of API:

  • Content published on an API is available to all channels simultaneously  

  • Allows automation of tasks 

  • Allows ease of integration between different platforms and software 

  • Interactive and responsive software 

  • Can be updated for a better user experience 

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