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The full form of API in computer is APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE.

What does API stands for

What does API Stand For?

API (Application programming interface) is a software which acts as an intermediary between two applications and aids in the communication between them.

Each time you are using an application for example Spotify, you are interacting with its API. In this case, you are interacting with Spotify’s API to find the song you like. 

How does an API work?

Whenever an application is used in a phone, the app gets connected to the internet and sends information to the server. Then the data is retrieved, interpreted and the server takes important actions and sends the data back to the phone. 

The application then re evaluates the data and delivers it to you in a readable way. This is how an API works by receiving request, working on it and responding through the data necessary for the service. 

The API is also used as a ‘user interface’(UI) through which applications, devices can exchange data with each other. 

For example, when you click on the play button in YouTube to start the video, a request is sent to the server to access the video and then by responding to the data, the video starts to play.

What are the Types of API?

  1. Partner API: These APIs are not available for public use and a programmer requires special permission to use them. 

  2. Composite API: As the name suggests these APIs combine several APIs so that execution of the request by the user becomes faster.  

  3. Internal API: These are the proprietary APIs to be used only within the organization. They are used to improve the efficiency of the company.

  4. Open API: These APIs are available for public use for example Facebook API.

What are the examples of API?

In today’s world with internet connectivity, whenever we visit a page online, we get interacted with the API. 

Following are some everyday examples of API

  • Finding a restaurant
  • Searching a Facebook profile
  • Money transaction in a bank
  • Searching for hotel
  • Online news reading
  • Searching anything in Google

Advantages/Benefits of API:

  • Allows automation of tasks 

  • Content published on an API is available to all channels simultaneously  

  • Can be updated for a better user experience 

  • Allows ease of integration between different platforms and software 

  • Interactive and responsive software 

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Why does modern E-commerce sites use API?

  • Easy for the customers to find the product.
  • The site becomes more secure if API is used.
  • API allows the sites to be more flexible for its expansion.

What are the common API developers?

  • Google Maps
  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • Google apps
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon S3

How much an API cost to build?

To build a secure, fully structured, informative and documented API, approximately it may cause around $20,000(14,55,311 Rupee)

One should definitely hire some experienced developer to make it and also an API calculator must be used .

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