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The full form of JVM is: JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE

What is JVM how does it work - JVM Full form

What does JVM mean in terms of computers? 

Java virtual machine is a program which executes the Java code. It helps the computer to convert the programming languages to be compiled into Java bytecode.

Java being a high level language is more readable to humans than the computer, hence JVM is needed so that Java code is understood by the computer too.

Though the compilation leads to consumption of more time when compared to low level language.  

What are the main tasks of Java virtual machine?

The main tasks of JVM are:

  • Loading of the code

  • Verifying the code

  • Executing the code

  • Providing proper runtime environment to the code

What is JDK (Java Development Kit)?

We have three main packages used for successful implementation of Java programming. These packages are as follows:

  1. JVM (Java virtual machine)

  2. JRE (Java runtime environment)

  3. JDK (Java development kit)

JDK is used by the programmers to execute the Java programme which is to be run by JVM and JRE. It is the package for developing java based software (not running them).

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