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What does VVPAT mean in election? -Full form of VVPAT

What is VVPAT?

Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail is an electronic voting unit which helps the voter during the voting process and helps him/her to give feedback using a ballot less voting machine.

It’s an independent system attached to EVM consisting of a Printer and a VVPAT Status Display Unit (VSDU).  

It helps the person who is casting the vote to verify if he/she voted the right person. 

The Election commission of India procures these VVPATs from the Electronics Corporation of India and Bharat Electronics Ltd.

VVPAT helps in conducting a free malfunction free election where the votes so registered are registered in an electronic medium directly. 

Does VVPAT make an EVM Foolproof?

No, VVPAT doesn’t make entirely EVM foolproof. There is still a possibility for the machine being tampered or being procured before the elections to interfere with the results.

There have also been cases where VVPATs have printed wrong information. 

How does Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) work in Electronic Voting Machines (EVM)?

  • Upon the pressing of EVM button by the voter a paper slip is generated

  • The slips contains the name of the candidate he voted for and the party he/she belongs to

  • After the voter sees the slips and confirms that he has voted the right person it’s dropped inside a sealed box of EVM to be used only by authorized personnel.

What are the benefits of VVPAT?

  1. Helps in making EVM results more guaranteed

  2. Helps voters double check if they have voted the right person

  3. Results are stored electronically 

  4. Lowers chances of hindrance or malfunction by political parties

  5. Provides a means to audit electoral results 

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