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The full form of MRI in medical terms is: MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING

What does MRI mean in health sector? Full form of MRI

What is the meaning of MRI in medical terms?

Magnetic resonance imaging is used by the medical industry to procure the medical image of anatomy and physiological processes of the body. 

It is a non-invasive scanning technique and uses a strong magnetic field as well as radio waves for the scanning. 

MRI scans are majorly used for scanning brain anatomy, tumours, checking the spread of cancer etc. 

What are the advantages of Magnetic resonance imaging?

Advantages of MRI:

  • MRI does not use radio waves and is non-invasive in nature

  • It can be used to take images of any part of the body and in any direction. It can take thousands of images quickly of the specified body part.

  • Very precise images of soft tissue structures can be taken which is not possible by other imaging techniques

  • A large segment of the body can be covered at once

  • MRI is very useful in cancer cells detection and checking it’s spread

What is the Difference Between a CT Scan and an MRI Scan?

  1. CT scan is more affordable than MRI scan and is more common in use too. 

  2. MRI scan is slower than a CT scan.

  3. MRI provides more detailed images of the organ and physiological function.

  4. Under a CT scan, the person receives a small amount of radiation but in MRI scan no radiation is involved and uses a magnetic field for scanning.

  5. MRI scanners produce a loud sound which is not the case with CT scan.

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