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The full form of MOS in mechanical engineering is: MECHANICS OF SOLIDS

What does MOS stand for in Mechanics? - Full form of MOS

What is the meaning of MOS in mechanical engineering?

Mechanics of solids (also known as solid mechanics) is one of the fundamental applied engineering sciences and is the study of behaviour of solid materials.

MOS studies the motion and deformation of solids when they come under the action of forces and is a very vast subject. 

These forces may include temperature changes, tension forces, spring forces etc.   

What are the best ways to learn the mechanics of solids? (Best books to refer for MOS)

You can learn the mechanics of solids by reading journals, articles, books etc. and by making sure that all your concepts are clear.

Following are the books you can refer for clear understanding and to gain more insights on the subjects:

  1. A Textbook Of Strength Of Materials (R K Bansal)

  2. Strength of Materials (S. Ramamrutham)

  3. Mechanics of Materials by Gere and Goodno of Cengage Publications

  4. Introduction to Mechanics of Solids by Crandall 

  5. Strengthof materials by Gere and TiMOShenko

What is computational solid mechanics? 

Computational solid mechanics deals with the study of principles of mechanics using computational science or performing analysis and simulation using software on computer.  

Is the mechanics of solids and strength of material the same? 

MOS and Strength of Materials are not the same with Strength of Materials being a part/constituent of Mechanics of Solids. Strength of Material helps the engineer in identifying the strength of a material by measuring its stress and strains upon subjecting forces on the solid.  

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