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What does SLA stand for -Full Form of SLA

What is SLA and what are its types?

Service Level Agreement is a contract provided by a service provider to a service receiver which binds the service provider to maintain the quality, availability and responsibility of service. 

If the expectations of the customers aren’t met, then the penalties and remedies for the situation are also mentioned in the SLA. 

What are the types of Service Level Agreement?

There are three types of SLA:

  1. Customer-based SLA- This SLA is made for discrete customers and is inclusive of all services that the customer gets from the service provider. 

  2. Service-based SLA- This SLA is made a service which provided to all the customers, that’s it’s not individualistic like Customer-based SLA. It defines the nature, scope and quality of the service so provided. 

  3. Multi-level SLA- Under Multi-level SLA the SLAs are different for the different type of customers for the same service. 

Why are SLAs important?

SLAs help the service provider to maintain their customer’s expectations and gain trust. 

It provides service receivers with the options to choose the vendors according to the SLAs.

SLA gives them the security that service will meet the expected requirements and if it doesn’t then the customer has the option to apply redressal.

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Advantages/Benefits of SLA:

  • Documents all the agreements

  • Defines standards

  • Mutually accepted  

  • Security of interests of both parties

  • Clearly defines the stakeholders and their responsibilities 

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