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The full form of DLW in Indian Railway is: DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE WORKS

What does DLW mean? What is the full form of DLW in Indian Railway?

What is DLW in railway?

Diesel locomotive works now known as Banaras Locomotive work is a production unit under the Indian railways which manufactured Diesel Locomotives till March 2019. DLW was founded in 1961 and rolled out its first locomotive on 3d January 1964. 

Where are the railways locomotives manufactured in India manufactured?

Following are some of the locations where railways locomotives are manufactured:

  1. Chittaranjan Loco Works ( Asansol, West Bengal)

  2. Diesel Locomotive Factory ( Marhowra, Bihar)

  3. Central Railway Locomotive Workshop ( Parel, Maharashtra)

  4. Electric Locomotive Factory ( Madhepura, Bihar) 

  5. Diesel Locomotive Works ( Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh)

What are the differences in working between a diesel and an electric locomotive?

Both the locomotives use traction motors to run the train. 

In case of electric locomotives the traction motor gains the power from the AC powered sourced from the electric power lines. 

Whereas diesel locomotives use dynamo to supply power to the traction motors.

Which is the most powerful railway diesel locomotive in Indian Railways?

The most powerful diesel locomotive in Indian railways is WDG 5 or GT50AC. Built by Banaras locomotive works (BLW) in collaboration with Electro Motive Diesel WDG 5 (W - Wide/broad gauge,  D - Diesel,  G - Goods/ freight, 5- class 5) is a Diesel-Electric locomotive which has a rated power output of 5500 horsepower. 

This locomotive has a 20 cylinder 2-stroke turbo diesel engine. The first WDG 5  50001 locomotive is called Bheem. This loco has unique features like an air conditioned cabinet and a bio-toilet for the pilot. 

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