What is the Full Form of ALU in Computer?

What is the full meaning of ALU in computer?

Full Form of ALU in Computer - Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of ALU in computer language is Arithmetic Logic Unit.

What is ALU in Computer Architecture?

ALU is a digital circuit of a computer that performs all arithmetic computations and logic operations. It is mainly a component of the CPU.

What does ALU perform in computer?

When the CPU (Central Processing Unit) gets instructions such as ADD r1,r2 and r3, then it makes the ALU perform its function. The existing logic circuits and logic algorithms handle the series of inter-register transfer actions within the ALU. 

The transportation of words into the ALU and from the register to back to the ALU is performed by the sequencing logic. It includes huge logic gates in it that perform the following arithmetic tasks

  • Multiplication 
  • Subtraction 
  • Addition
  • Division 
  • Logic operations

What is the difference between CPU and ALU?

  • CPU is an electronic circuit whereas ALU is a subpart of the CPU.
  • CPU instructs the computer to operate whereas ALU performs under CPU.

What are the Characteristics of the ALU in the CPU of a computer?

The ALU must have three fundamental characteristics

  • Functional organization
  • Operands and results
  • Algorithms

What is the function of ALU in a computer system?

Since it is a part of the CPU, all the input and output devices of it, are connected to the functional units of CPU, like program execution control unit and cache memory. Apart from that, it has three major functional parts which are

  • Storage registers
  • Operations logic
  • Sequencing logic

What is the difference between the Control Unit (CU) and ALU?

  • CU deals with hardware devices and acts as a bridge between software and hardware of a computer whereas ALU deals with arithmetic calculation and logical units.
  • In CU, data is not accessible after the completion of the task whereas in ALU data can be accessed at any time.
  • CU has no dependency on ALU whereas ALU depends on CU.