What is the Full Form of ATA in Computer?

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Full Form of ATA in Computer - Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of ATA in Computer is Advanced Technology Attachment. It is a standard interface that is responsible for connecting storage devices to a Computer and it was approved in 1994.

Who invented ATA?

ATA was developed in 1986 by Western Digital and Compaq for compatible Hard Drives and CD - DVD Drives.

What are the different types of ATA?

  • IDE, ATA and ATA-1 – This was the first prototype had a 8-16 bit interface and had a transfer rate of 8.3 Mbps.
  • ATA-2, EIDE – A standard that was approved by ANSI in 1996, Enhanced IDE had features of ATA-2 and manufacturer specific variants. ATA-2 was the first to rectify other drives that can also be interfaced with computers.
  • ATAPI – ATA Packet Interface was developed by SFF to allow ATA to follow SCSI commands.
  • UDMA and ATA-4 – Ultra DMA transfer modes were included, ATA-4 had 133 Mbyte/s.
  • Ultra AT – Used by Western Digital and had different speed enhancements.

How does ATA work?

The standard ATA is now known as PATA or Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment, it is a physical disk that connects storage devices like Hard Drive Disks, Optical Disk Drives and Floppy Disk Drives to the Computer. 

ATA cables can transfer data 16 bits at a time and they have a maximum length of 18 inches. It uses a 40-pin Female Connector cable that is connected to a 40-80 conductor Ribbon cable. 

Every cable has two or more connectors of which one is attached to a Host Adapter that links to the rest of the Computer and the others are connected to storage devices namely hard disk drives and optical drives. 

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