What is the Full Form of ISP in Computer language?

What is the Full Form of ISP in Computer language?
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Full Form of ISP in Computer language - Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of ISP in computer language is Internet Service Provider. 

ISP is a company or an organisation that provides internet to its customers be it companies, homes, or individuals. ISPs offer services like internet providing, domain name, web hosting, website building, virtual hosting, etc. 

How does the internet reach your home from ISP?

The internet travels, from ISP to home or office, in the form of signals via coaxial cable. There is a huge network of cable around the country connecting the internet services. The data signal coming through the cable connected to our home reaches the modem. 

The modem is connected to the router through an ethernet cable. Through ethernet cable, data signal reaches the router which is connected to your computer or TV or Wi-fi. 

Where do ISPs get internet from? 

ISPs provide the internet to the whole country with a particular bandwidth. They actually receive their internet for bigger ISP’s. Do ISPs provide internet to ISP’s. 

The ISP’s providing data at higher bandwidth has their hosts connected directly to the hosts of google, amazon etc. ISP services work in tier, ie, tier 1, tier 2, tier 3. 

How do ISP’s earn?

ISP’s earn through the profit they get by selling the internet. If they buy the internet suppose for 100 rs, they sell it to you for 115. The 100 they pay goes to higher ISP’s and eventually to google. 

After it, google keeps a profit part and gives the money to the website you were using say facebook.com. 

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What are the Identifying Features of ISP? 

  • E-mail Account: Several Internet Service Providers provide their customers with an e-mail handle.
  • Experts and a growing number of lay consumers desire an ISP that could give consumer service to have somebody to turn to if something goes wrong.
  • Access to high-speed internet: It is the most evident attribute of an Internet Service Provider since it is practically written in its title. Moreover, the faster an Internet Service Provider could offer, the better its market position will be and the more clients it will attract.
  • Spam Blocker: In the current economy, an Internet Service Provider that inhibits its consumers' efficiency by not filtering spam and showing numerous advertisements is not commonly appreciated. 

What are the Benefits of ISP? 

  • The consumer does not require to worry about the difficulties or costs of investing in and developing a web browser to use.
  • All of this is easily accomplished by an ISP for, its consumers. 
  • Several ISPs, being expert businesses, high-speed supply internet to their customers, which is impossible to achieve if one chooses to avoid them. 

What are the Consequences of ISP? 

  • Because of the variety of choices present in the market and the fierce competition, certain ISPs have been charged with betraying their consumers' confidence by setting exorbitant prices, losing information, and so on. 
  • When an Internet Service Provider is overburdened by serving too several websites on a server computer, it might jeopardize its customers' content through slow download speeds and poor web page functionality.