What is the Full Form of DBA in Computer?

What is the Full Form of DBA in Computer?
What does DBA mean in computer science

Full Form of DBA in Computer - Full Form, Meaning, and Definition

The full form of DBA in computers is Database Administrators. 

These are people working for management, security, and functioning of databases for a company. Their responsibilities include setting up a database for efficient work, making updates, testing data, and ensuring that data is safe from cyber crimes and fraud. 

Industries in which database administrators work? 

Database administrators are hired by companies that deal with huge data which is confidential. In current times, almost every industry needs database administrators. 

Most of the database administrators are hired by internet service providers, banks and financial organizations, medical and healthcare organizations. 

Are database administrators and database engineers the same?

No database administrators are different from database engineers and both have their different duties to perform. DBA works on integrating and optimizing the database while the data engineers work on the data and data structure, building it or updating it. 

How to become a database administrator?

The educational qualification for the DBA post is a bachelor's in computer science, information technology or relevant field. But this does not suffice. Since DBA is a high-profile job due to a load of vital responsibilities, critical tasks and problem management, it demands experience in similar fields and relevant skills with compulsory communication skills and problem-solving skills. 

Database Administrator (DBA) Importance: 

Database Administrators maintain and monitor three layers of databases: internal, conceptual, and external levels of database management process design, and define the database's world vision in consultation with a large consumer group. The outer perspective of various clients and programs is then given.

The database operator is responsible for maintaining the database's authenticity and protection by preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing it. It gives database clients approval and keeps track of each participant's account. 

The database administrator is also responsible for ensuring that the database is safe and stable and minimized data failure.

Database Administrator (DBA) Function and Responsibilities: 

Decides hardware – They choose the most cost-effective hardware dependent on expense efficiency, reliability, and what best fits the enterprise. It is the hardware that serves as a link between consumers and databases. 

Data privacy and protection must be tested and maintained - Since it preserves and prevents data from unauthorized use. To maintain, information privacy the DBA keeps an eye on the relationships inside the data.

Database implementation - A DBA implements a database management system (DBMS) and checks database loading at the same period.

Query processing speed, efficiency, and accuracy – DBA improves query processing speed, performance, and accuracy.

Tuning Database Performance - If users cannot obtain data quickly and accurately, the organization's business will suffer. As a result, DBAs can improve. 

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